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Style Datasheet
2201 Food Coverall
2202 Men’s Food Coat, One Pocket
2205 Women's Food Coat, One Pocket
2206 Men’s Food Coat, Three Pockets
2207 Food Industry Apron
2208 Bakers Trousers
2209 Bakers Shirt S/S
2802 Standard Coverall
2852 Lab Coat
2885 Preston Trousers
A001 Glove Clip (Pk40)
A002 Metal Free Glove Clip (Pk40)
A010 Nylon Inspection Glove (600 Pairs)
A020 Assembly Glove (960 Pairs)
A030 String Knit Liner Glove (300 Pairs)
A050 Stockinette Knitwrist Glove (600 Pairs)
A080 Microdot Glove
A100 Grip Glove - Latex
A105 Grip Xtra Glove
A106 Grip 10 Latex Reinforced Thumb Glove (Pk12)
A109 Grip Glove (Retail Pack)
A110 Polka Dot Glove
A111 Classic Polka Dot Glove
A113 Polka Dot Plus Glove
A115 Thermal Liner
A118 Grip 13 PVC Dotted Touchscreen Glove (Pk12)
A120 PU Palm Glove
A121 PU Fingertip Glove
A123 PU Palm Glove Latex Free - Full Carton (144 pairs)
A124 Grip 13 PU Diamond Knit Glove (Pk12)
A128 PU Palm Glove Latex Free (Retail Pack)
A129 PU Palm Glove - Carton (480 Pairs)
A130 Criss Cross Glove
A135 Tough Grip Glove
A140 Thermal Grip Glove - Latex
A143 Thermal Soft Grip Glove
A145 Cold Grip Glove
A146 Arctic Winter Glove
A148 Grip 13 Nitrile High Dotted glove
A150 Classic Grip Glove - Latex
A174 Flex Grip Latex Glove
A175 Duo-Flex Glove
A185 Duo-Therm Glove
A195 Touchscreen - PU
A196 Antistatic Micro Dot Glove
A197 Antistatic Shell Glove
A198 Antistatic PU Fingertip Glove
A199 Antistatic PU Palm Glove
A200 Furniture Hide Glove
A209 Classic Canadian Rigger Glove
A210 Canadian Rigger Glove
A220 Premium Chrome Rigger Glove
A225 Fleece Lined Rigger Glove
A229 Classic Double Palm Rigger Glove
A230 Double Palm Rigger Glove
A250 Tergsus Glove
A260 Oves Driver Glove
A270 Classic Driver Glove
A271 Lined Driver Glove
A280 Wintershield Glove
A290 Oak Chainsaw Protective Glove (Class 0)
A300 Nitrile Knitwrist
A302 Fully Dipped Nitrile Safety Cuff
A310 Flexo Grip Nitrile Glove
A311 Grip 13 Nitrile 3 Fingerless Glove (Pk12)
A312 Grip 13 Nitrile Diamond Knit Glove (Pk12)
A313 Grip 15 Nitrile Crinkle Glove (Pk12)
A315 All-Flex Grip Glove
A319 Flexo Grip Nitrile Glove (Retail Pack)
A320 Dexti-Grip Glove
A330 Nitrile Light Knitwrist
A335 Dermi-Grip NPR15 Nitrile Sandy Glove
A340 Hi-Vis Grip Glove - Latex
A350 DermiFlex Glove
A351 DermiFlex Plus Glove
A352 DermiFlex Ultra Glove
A353 DermiFlex Ultra Plus Glove
A354 DermiFlex Ultra Pro Glove - Nitrile Sandy
A355 NPR15 Nitrile Foam Touchscreen Glove (Pk12)
A356 ESD 15 Nitrile Essential Multipack (Pk12)
A360 Senti - Flex Glove
A370 GP Grip 15 Nitrile Micro foam
A371 custom
A372 custom
A373 custom
A374 custom
A375 custom
A376 GP Grip 21 PU Glove
A377 GP Grip 21 Nitrile Micro foam
A400 PVC Knitwrist
A402 Grip PVC Double Dipped Sandy Glove
A427 Grip 12 PVC Gauntlet 27cm
A435 Grip 12 PVC Gauntlet 35cm
A445 Grip 12 PVC Gauntlet 45cm
A450 Weatherproof Hi-Vis Glove
A500 Welders Gauntlet
A510 Welders Gauntlet
A520 Premium Tig Welding Gauntlet
A521 TIG Welding Gauntlet
A530 Reinforced Welding Gauntlet
A540 Mig Welding Gauntlet
A590 Heat Resistant 250˚C Glove
A611 Aramid HR Cut Latex Glove
A620 LR Cut PU Palm Glove
A621 Cut 3/4 Nitrile Foam Glove
A622 Cut C13 PU Glove
A625 Vis-Tex Cut Resistant Glove - PU
A626 Vis-Tex Cut D13 Nitrile Glove
A630 Razor - Lite Glove
A631 Vis-Tex Cut Glove Long Cuff
A632 Green Cut Glove Long Cuff
A635 Economy Cut Glove
A640 Sabre-Dot Glove
A641 Red - PU Glove
A643 Amber Cut Glove - Nitrile Foam
A645 Green Cut Glove - Nitrile Foam
A646 Vis-Tex Winter Cut D13 Nitrile Glove
A650 CS Cut E15 Nitrile Glove
A655 Sabre - Lite Glove
A657 AHR 10 Food Glove Liner – 1 glove
A660 CS Cut E18 PU Glove
A661 CS Cut E18 Nitrile Glove
A665 VHR Advanced Cut Glove
A667 Claymore Cut F13 Nitrile Glove
A670 CS Cut F13 PU Glove
A671 CS Cut F13 Latex Glove
A672 CS Cut F13 Nitrile Glove
A673 CS Cut F18 Nitrile Glove
A674 CS Cut F13 Leather Glove
A680 Cut F21 Nitrile Tungsten Glove A9
A688 Pro Cut Liner Glove
A689 14 inch (35cm) Cut Resistant Sleeve
A690 18 Inch(45cm) Cut Resistant Sleeve
A691 22 Inch (56cm) Cut Resistant Sleeve
A696 LR13 ESD PU Fingertip Cut Glove (Pk12)
A697 LR13 ESD PU Palm Glove (Pk12)
A698 MR13 ESD PU Fingertip Glove (Pk12)
A699 MR13 ESD PU Palm Glove (Pk12)
A700 General Utility – High Performance Glove
A710 Tradesman – High Performance Glove
A715 Grip 15 Nitrile Impact Glove
A720 High Performance Glove
A721 Anti Impact Grip Glove
A722 Anti Impact Cut Resistant Glove
A723 TPV Impact Cut Glove
A726 Aqua-Seal Pro Glove
A727 DX VHR Impact Glove
A729 Anti Impact Cut Resistant Thermal Glove
A740 Powertool Pro - High Performance Glove
A742 Impact Driver Glove (Unlined)
A745 Impact Pro Cut Glove
A751 Apacha Cold Store Glove
A755 VHR15 Nitrile Foam Impact Glove
A770 PW3 General Utility Glove
A771 PW3 Tradesman Glove
A772 Pro Utility Glove
A774 DX4 LR Cut Glove
A775 Stretch Utility Leather Glove
A776 PW3 Winter Glove
A780 Arc Grip Glove
A783 Arc Grip 13E Level 3 Glove
A784 Arc Grip 18C Level 2 Glove
A790 Anti Vibration Glove
A791 Mechanics Anti-Vibration Glove
A792 Needle Resistant Glove
A800 Household Latex Glove (240 Pairs)
A801 Double Dipped Latex Gauntlet
A802 Heavyweight Latex Rubber Gauntlet
A803 Heavyweight Latex Rubber Gauntlet 600mm
A810 Nitrosafe Chemical Gauntlet
A812 Nitrosafe Plus Chemical Gauntlet
A813 Extended Length Nitrile Gauntlet
A814 Food Approved Nitrile Gauntlet
A820 Neoprene Chemical Gauntlet
A827 Double Dipped PVC Gauntlet 27cm
A835 Double Dipped PVC Gauntlet 35cm
A845 Double Dipped PVC Gauntlet 45cm
A881 Marine Ultra PVC Chem Gauntlet
A882 ESD PVC Chemical Gauntlet
A900 Powdered Vinyl Disposable Glove (Pk100)
A905 Powder Free Vinyl Disposable Glove (Pk100)
A910 Powdered Latex Disposable Glove (Pk100)
A925 Powder Free Nitrile Disposable Glove (Pk100)
A930 Orange HD Disposable Glove (Pk100)
AB020 Assembly Glove (360 Pairs)
AB030 String Knit Liner Glove (288 Pairs)
AB129 PU Palm Glove (288 Pairs)
AB350 DermiFlex Essential Multipack (Pk12)
AB351 DermiFlex Plus Essential Multipack (Pk12)
AB622 Cut C13 PU Essential Multipack (Pk12)
AB810 Nitrosafe Essential Multipack (PK12)
AC01 Chainmail Glove
AC05 Glove Tensioner (Pk50)
AC10 Chainmail Gauntlet 45cm
AC20 Chainmail Apron
AF53 Araflame Gold Coverall
AF73 Araflame Silver Coverall
AF83 Araflame Insulated Winter Salopettes
AF84 Araflame Insulated Winter Coverall
AF91 Araflame Hi-Vis Multi Coverall
AP01 Thermo Pro Glove
AP02 Thermo Pro Ultra
AP10 NPR15 Foam Nitrile Bamboo Glove (Pk12)
AP12 SG Grip15 Eco Nitrile Glove (Pk12)
AP15 SG Cut B18 Eco Nitrile Glove (Pk12)
AP18 SG Cut C15 Eco Nitrile Glove (Pk12)
AP30 Dermi Pro Glove
AP31 Senti Cut Lite Glove
AP32 Dexti Cut Pro Glove
AP33 LR15 PU Touchscreen Glove (Pk12)
AP34 LR15 Nitrile Foam Touchscreen Glove (Pk12)
AP35 Grip 15 Nitrile Double Palm Glove
AP36 Grip 15 Nitrile Double Gauntlet
AP50 Aqua Cut Pro Glove
AP52 Dexti Cut Ultra Glove
AP55 Waterproof HR Cut Impact Glove
AP60 Sandy Grip Lite Gauntlet
AP62 Dermiflex Aqua Glove
AP65 NPR Pro Nitrile Foam
AP71 FD Grip 15 Nitrile Glove
AP72 FD Grip 15 Nitrile Gauntlet
AP74 FD Cut C13 Nitrile Glove
AP75 FD Chemical B Latex Gauntlet
AP76 FD Chemical B Latex Light Gauntlet (Pk12)
AP80 Liquid Pro Glove
AP81 Liquid Pro HR Cut Glove
APB80 Liquid Pro Essential Multipack (Pk12)
AS10 Anti-Static ESD Coat
AS11 Anti-Static ESD Trousers
AS12 Women's Anti-Static ESD Trousers
AS20 Anti-Static ESD T-Shirt S/S
AS21 Anti-Static ESD Polo Shirt S/S
AS22 Anti-Static ESD T-Shirt L/S
AS24 Anti-Static ESD Sweatshirt
AS26 Anti-Static ESD Fleece
B010 Six Panel Baseball Cap
B0105 Franklin S1 SRC
B0113 Puccini
B0114 Verdi S3 SRC
B0114H Verdi Hro S3 HRO HI SRA
B0115 Concorde S1P FO SR
B0116 Summer S1P SRC
B0118 Mozart S3 SRC
B0119 Beethoven S3 SRC
B0120 Bach S3 CI SRC
B013 Knit Insulatex Beanie
B0150 Opera S1P SRC
B0152 Victoria S1P SRC
B0153 Termini S3 SRC
B0154 Prado S3 SRC
B0155 Garibaldi S1P SRC
B0156 Dammtor S1P SRC
B0163 Colosseum S1P SRC
B0164 Tribeca S1 SRC
B0165 Paddington S1P SRC
B0166 Etoile S3 SRC
B0167 Pigalle S3 SRC
B0168 Toledo S1PL FO SR
B0168D Zoe Shoe S1P SRC
B0169 Greenwich S3 SRC
B0173 Central S1P SRC
B0174 Harlem Top S1P SRC
B0175 Harlem S1P SRC
B0177 Chester Top S3 SRC
B0177E Chester Top Esd
B0178 Chester S3 SRC
B0180 Jagger S3 SRC
B0184 Morrison S3 SRC
B0185 Curtis S3 SRC
B0186 Geldof S3 SRC
B023 Knit Insulatex Reflective Beanie
B0240 Selfie S3 SRC
B0240B Margot Shoe S3 SRC
B0241 Oak S3 SRC
B0241B Margot Top S3 SRC
B0251 Pixel S1P SRC
B0252 Pixel Top S1P SRC
B026 Knit Insulatex Reflective Yarn Beanie
B0271 Wake S1P SRC
B028 Rechargeable Twin LED Beanie
B029 Beanie USB Rechargeable LED Head Light
B0290 Lunch SB FO E A SRC
B030 Replacement Beanie Head Light
B031 Waterproof Beanie
B0314 Iris S1P SRC
B0321 Tiffany Shoe S1P SRC
B0323 Kate S3L FO SR
B033 Workman's LED Beanie
B034 Two Tone LED Rechargeable Beanie
B0410 Welder S3 HRO SRA
B0416 Raider Top S3 SRC
B0440 Mechanic S1 SRC
B0451 Arena S1P SRC
B0461 Extraflex
B0473 Metatarsal S3 M SRC
B0474 Quark S1P ESD SRC
B0475 Four Holes S1P SRC
B0501 Cobalto S2 HRO SRC
B0502 Zinco S2 HRO CI SRC
B0505 Osmio SB FO E A SRC
B0507 Cloro/Cloro N S2 FO SR
B0508 Cromo S2 SRC
B0509 Cadmio S1 FO SR
B0510 Argo S2 SRC
B0535 Bario
B0537 Litio S2 SRC
B0540 Vanadio S2 SRC
B0551 Xeno OB A E SRC
B0553 Radon OB A E SRC
B0603 Soccer S1P SRC
B0604 Soccer Top S1P SRC
B0605 Diving S3 SRC
B0609 Rafting S3L FO SR
B0610 Rafting Top S3L FO SR
B0617 Aerobic S1P ESD SRC
B0618 Climb S1P SRC
B0620 Swim S1P SRC
B0622 Scuba S1P SRC
B0627 Rally S3 SRC
B0636 Bob S3 ESD SRC
B0637 Sky S1P ESD SRC
B0643 Darts S1P ESD SRC
B0647 Frisbee S1P ESD SRC
B0652 Dealer S1P SRC
B0653 Hockey S3 SRC
B0657 Paddle Shoe S1P SRC
B0666 Grand Canyon Trainer S1PS ESD FO SR/Tulum Trainer S1PS ESD FO SR
B0667 Grand Canyon Mid Boot S1PS ESD FO SR
B0667B Yellowstone Mid Boot S3S ESD FO SR
B0668 Komodo Trainer S1PS ESD FO SR
B0670 Attitude S1PL FO SR
B0671 Ace S1PL FO SR
B0672 Smash S1PL FO SR
B0676 Bowling/Tennis S3L FO SR
B0676E Bowling S3L ESD FO SR
B0677 Marathon S3 SRC
B0677C Violet Shoe S3 SRC
B0677E Marathon S3 ESD SRC
B0678 Bowling Top/Tennis Top S3 SRC
B0696 Cooking S2 FO SR
B0698 Judo S1P ESD SRC
B0712 Buffalo Top S3 HRO CI HI SRC
B0716 Camel Top S3 HRO CI HI SRC
B0741 Bison Top S3L HRO CI HI LG FO SR
B0820 Be-Fast S3 HRO CI HI SRC
B0821 Be-Fast Top S3 HRO CI HI SRC
B0822 Be-Ready S1P ESD SRC
B0823 Be-Dynamic S3 SRC
B0866 Be-Jetty/Be-Browny S3 CI SRC
B0870 Be-Mighty/Be-Extreme S3 CI SRC
B0870W Be-Extreme W/Be-Mighty W S3 CI SRC
B0871 Be-Fresh
B0872 Be-Free S3 SRC
B0873 Be-Free Top S3L LG FO SR
B0874 Be-Joy S3 SRC
B0875 Be-Joy Top S3L LG FO SR
B0877 Be-Moon Top S1P SRC
B0878 Be-Fit S1P SRC
B0880 Sparkle S3 HRO CI HI SRC
B0881 Be-Flashy
B0883 Be-Browny Top/Be-Jetty Top S3 CI SRC
B0883C Be Grey Mid S3 CI SRC
B0884 Be-Light S1PL LG FO SR
B0885 Be-Active S1PL LG FO SR
B0886 Be-Style S1P ESD SRC
B0887 Be-Strong S3 HRO CI HI SRC
B0887N Be-Uniform Shoe S3 HRO CI HI
B0888N Be-Uniform Top S3 HRO CI HI
B0891 Be-Stone S3 CR HRO CI HI AN SRC
B0893 Be-Easy Top
B0894 Be-Dry Low S3 WR CI HRO SRC
B0895 Be-Dry Mid/Be-Rock S3 WR CI HI HRO SRC
B0896 Be-Dry Top S3 WR CI HRO SRC
B0897 Be-Powerful S3 WR SRC
B0898 Be-Powerful Top S3 WR CI SRC
B0899 Twinkle S3 HRO CI HI SRC
B0950 Izar S3 CI SRC
B0951 Izar Top S3 CI SRC
B0952 Pulsar S1P SRC
B0953 Quasar/Cursa S1P SRC
B0954 Pulsar Top S1PL FO SR
B0955 Skat
B0957 Matar S3 ESD SRC
B0958 Matar Top S3 ESD SRC
B0962 Kuma S2 SRC
B0966 Kuma Top S2 FO SR
B0967A Syrius Sandal S1PL ESD FO SR
B0982A Dione Shoe S3L FO SR
B0982B Eris Shoe S1PL FO SR
B0983A Dione Top S3L FO SR
B0983B Eris Top S1PL FO SR
B0985A Naulitus Black S6 CI FO SR
B0985B Naulitus S6 CI FO SR
B0993A Perseus Boot S3L FO SR
B1000 K-Road S3 HRO CI SRC
B1001 K-Road Top S3 HRO CI SRC
B1002 K-Pop S1P HRO SRC
B1004 K-Step/K-Speed/K-Move/K-Start S1P HRO SRC
B1005 K-Jump/ K-Trek/ K-Rush S1P HRO SRC
B1006 K-Balance/K-Walk S1P HRO SRC
B1007 K-Energy S3 HRO SRC
B1008 K-Young Shoe O1 FO SRC
B1009 K-Twist Shoe O1 FO SRC
B1011 K-Cross Shoe S3 ESD SRC
B1015 K-Sprint Shoe S3 SRC
B1018 K-Up Shoe O2 ESD FO SRC
B1037 K-UP MID
B1041 K-Hurry Shoe S3L HRO FO SR / K-Boogie Shoe S3L HRO FO SR
B1042 K-Hurry Top Boot S3L HRO FO SR / K-Boogie Top Boot HRO FO SR
B120 Thermal T-Shirt Short Sleeve
B1205 I-Bit Sandal S1P ESD SRC
B1206 I-Lab Shoe S1P ESD SRC
B1208 I-Robox Blue Shoe S3 ESD SRC
B1209 I-Robox Blue Top S3 ESD SRC
B121 Thermal Trousers
B1210 I-Robox Shoe S3 CI ESD SRC
B1211 I-Robox Top S3 CI ESD SRC
B1212 I-Cyber Shoe S1P ESD SRC
B1212C Arya Shoe S1P ESD SRC
B1213 I-Cyber Top S1P ESD SRC
B1217 I-Tool Shoe S1P ESD SRC
B1219 I-Wire Shoe S3 ESD SRC
B1223 I-Code Shoe S1P ESD SRC
B123 Thermal T-Shirt Long Sleeve
B125 Women's Thermal Trousers
B126 Women's Thermal T-Shirt Long Sleeve
B131 Thermal Baselayer Leggings
B133 Thermal Baselayer Top
B135 custom
B136 custom
B1500 Orbit S3 ESD SRC
B1501 Universe S3 ESD SRC
B1502 Rocket S3 ESD SRC
B1503 Cosmos S3 ESD SRC
B151 Base Pro Antibacterial Legging
B153 Base Pro Antibacterial Top
B1603 T-Fort Mid S7S HRO CI HI LG FO SR
B1605 T-Robust Mid S7S HRO CI HI LG SC FO SR
B1611 T-Massive S3S HRO CI HI LG FO SR
B1611B T-Force
B1613 T-Robust Top S7S HRO CI HI LG SC FO SR
B1704A Berlin
B1704B London
B1704C Sydney
B1704D New York
B1704E Roma
B1705A Paris
B1708A Stockholm S1 PS SC LG FO SR
B171 Dynamic Air Baselayer Legging
B1711A Athens S3S SC LG FO SR
B1711B Amsterdam
B1711C Madrid
B1712A Boston S3S SC LG FO SR
B1712B Dublin
B173 Dynamic Air Baselayer Top
B181 Merino Wool Baselayer Legging
B183 Merino Wool Crewneck Baselayer Top
B184 Merino Wool 1/4 Zip Baselayer Top
B190 custom
B191 custom
B192 Women's T-Shirt
B195 Turin Premium T-Shirt
B196 Long Sleeve T-Shirt
B197 V-Neck Cotton T-Shirt
B209 Naples Women's Polo Shirt
B210 Naples Polo Shirt S/S
B2101 600 Short 6 Pack
B2102 600 Long 6 Pack
B212 Genoa Long Sleeved Polo Shirt
B218 Essential Two Tone Polo Shirt
B2201 400 Short
B2202 400 Long
B300 Roma Sweatshirt
B302 Roma Hoodie
B303 Hi-Vis Sweatshirt
B304 Hi-Vis Hoodie
B305 Hi-Vis Zipped Hoodie
B306 Hi-Vis Contrast Sweatshirt
B307 Iona Sweater
B308 Xenon Hi-Vis Rugby Shirt
B309 Sorrento Zip Neck Sweatshirt
B310 Nato Sweater
B3101 Back Support Belt
B312 Zipped Hoodie
B315 Hi-Vis Contrast Zipped Hoodie
B316 Hi-Vis Contrast Hoodie
B317 Hi-Vis Contrast Zipped Hoodie
B318 Essential Two Tone Sweatshirt
B330 Women's Sweatshirt
B6201 Super Comfort
B6300 Record (Textile)
B6303 Gel Woman
B6304 Gel Man
B6305 Record ESD
B6306 Omnia ESD
B6307 Omnia
B6310 Dry'n Air Scan&Fit Omnia - Low
B6311 Dry'n Air Scan&Fit Omnia - Med
B6312 Dry'n Air Scan&Fit Omnia - High
B6313 Dry'n Air Scan&Fit Record - Low
B6314 Dry'n Air Scan&Fit Record - Med
B6315 Dry'n Air Scan&Fit Record -High
B900 Holdall Bag
B901 Holdall Kitbag
B903 Travel Bag
B904 Quick Release Hi-Vis Rucksack
B905 Hi-Vis Rucksack
B907 Multi-Pocket Trolley Bag
B908 Multi-Pocket Travel Bag
B909 Travel Trolley Bag
B910 Waterproof PVC Bag
B914 Boot Bag
B916 Triple Pocket Backpack
B920 Modular Trouser Knife Pocket
B921 Modular Trouser Tape Pocket
B922 Modular Trouser Supply Pocket
B930 Glove Display Bag
B950 PW3 70L Water-Resistant Duffle Bag
B951 PW3 100L Water-resistant Duffle Trolley Bag
B955 PW3 Hi-Vis Rucksack
B960 60L Duffle Bag
B965 custom
BIZ1 Bizweld FR Coverall
BIZ2 Bizweld Jacket
BIZ4 Bizweld Bib and Brace
BIZ5 Bizweld Iona FR Coverall
BIZ6 Bizweld Hooded Coverall
BIZ7 Bizflame Work Hi-Vis Anti-Static Coverall
BL100 Laces 100CM
BL120 Laces 120CM
BT10 Barricade/Warning Tape
BX321 Ultimate Modular 3-in-1 Trousers
BZ11 Bizweld Sleeves
BZ12 Bizweld Cape Hood
BZ13 Bizweld Iona Jacket
BZ14 Bizweld Iona Trousers
BZ17 Bizweld Iona Bib and Brace
BZ30 Bizweld Trousers
BZ31 Bizweld FR Cargo Trousers
BZ506 Bizweld Classic Coverall
C030 CE Safe-Welder Coverall
C070 Drawstring Trousers
C071 Rachel Women's Chefs Trousers
C072 Surrey Trousers
C073 Mesh Air Pro Trousers
C074 Stretch Chefs Joggers
C075 Barnet Chefs Trousers
C076 Cotton Mesh Air Chef Trousers
C078 Chester Chefs Trousers
C079 Bromley Chefs Trousers
C081 custom
C099 Women's Combat Trousers
C105 Elasticated Work Belt
C184 Women's Coverall
C195 Chef Cotton Mesh Air T-Shirt
C276 Paris Hi-Vis Contrast Executive Vest
C357 Hi-Vis Tablet Pocket Executive Vest
C370 Hi-Vis Mesh Band and Brace Vest
C372 Hi-Vis Band and Brace Zip Vest S/S
C374 Hi-Vis Mesh Two Band Vest
C375 Hi-Vis Band and Brace Vest
C376 Athens Hi-Vis Mesh Executive Vest
C377 Hi-Vis Mesh Contrast Executive Vest
C387 Lined Action Trousers
C394 Hi-Vis Cotton Comfort Mesh Insert T-Shirt S/S
C395 Hi-Vis Contrast Mesh Insert T-Shirt S/S
C464 Hi-Vis 2-in-1 Contrast Essential Lite Bomber Jacket
C465 Hi-Vis 3-in-1 Contrast Bomber Jacket
C466 Hi-Vis 3-in-1 Contrast Winter Bomber Jacket
C467 Hi-Vis 3-in-1 Bomber Jacket
C468 Hi-Vis 2-in-1 Contrast Bomber Jacket
C469 Hi-Vis 3-in-1 Contrast Winter Pro Jacket
C470 Hi-Vis Band and Brace Vest
C472 Hi-Vis Band and Brace Vest
C473 Hi-Vis Band and Brace Jacket L/S
C474 Hi-Vis Two Band Vest
C475 Hi-Vis Two Band Dual ID Holder Vest
C476 Warsaw Hi-Vis Contrast Executive Vest
C494 Hi-Vis Half Mesh Two Band Vest
C496 Madrid Hi-Vis Half Mesh Executive Vest
C565 Hi-Vis 3-in-1 X Back Contrast Bomber Jacket
C701 Combat Trousers
C704 custom
C711 Slim Fit Combat Trousers
C720 Tradesman Holster Trousers
C733 Cumbria Chefs Jacket S/S
C734 Kent Chefs Jacket S/S
C735 Surrey Chefs Jacket S/S
C737 Rachel Women's Chefs Jacket S/S
C738 Mesh Air Pro Jacket S/S
C739 custom
C746 Stretch Mesh Air Pro Short Sleeve Jacket
C802 Classic Coverall
C811 Cotton Boilersuit
C813 Liverpool Zip Coverall
C814 Iona Cotton Coverall
C815 Kneepad Coverall
C820 Men's Classic Tunic
C821 Men's Medical Tunic
C833 Suffolk Chefs Jacket L/S
C834 Somerset Chefs Jacket L/S
C835 Surrey Chefs Jacket L/S
C836 Sussex Chefs Jacket L/S
C837 Rachel Women's Chefs Jacket L/S
C838 Mesh Air Pro Jacket L/S
C846 Stretch Mesh Air Pro Long Sleeve Jacket
C851 Standard Cotton Coat
C852 Standard Coat
C859 Mayo Jacket
C865 Howie Coat - Texpel Finish
C875 Burnley Bib and Brace
C881 Cotton Bib and Brace
C890 Youth's Coverall
CD844 WX2 Eco Stretch Hiking Trouser
CD860 WX2 Eco Hi-Vis Rain Jacket
CD861 WX2 Eco Hi-Vis Work Jacket
CD864 custom
CD867 custom
CD870 WX2 Eco Softshell (2L)
CD871 WX2 Eco Fleece
CD874 WX2 Eco Insulated Softshell (2L)
CD875 WX2 Eco Hi-Vis Softshell (2L)
CD876 WX2 Eco Softshell Bodywarmer (2L)
CD881 WX2 Eco Stretch Trade Trousers
CD882 WX2 Eco Stretch Short
CD883 WX2 Eco Stretch Holster Trousers
CD884 Super Work Trousers
CD885 WX2 Eco Stretch Work Jacket
CD886 WX2 Eco Stretch Work Trousers
CD887 WX2 Eco Women's Stretch Work Trousers
CD888 WX2 Eco Hi-Vis Class 1 Service Trousers
CD889 WX2 Eco Hi-Vis Holster Pocket Trousers
CH11 Oak Chainsaw Trousers
CH12 Oak Chainsaw Bib and Brace
CH14 Oak Professional Chainsaw Trousers
CR01 Cut Resistant Bib Apron
CR15 Polo Shirt with Cut Resistant Sleeves
CR40 Combat Trousers with Cut Resistant Front
CS10 ColdStore Jacket
CS11 ColdStore Trouser
CS12 ColdStore Coverall
CS20 Fleece Balaclava
CS21 Neck Tube
CS23 Multiway Balaclava
CS24 Cooling Multiway Scarf
CS25 Anti-Microbial Multiway Scarf
CS26 Fleece Balaclava
CS27 Neck Tube
CT21 CT Cut C21 Nitrile Glove
CT32 CT Cut C18 Nitrile Glove
CT45 CT Cut D18 Nitrile Glove
CT46 CT Cut D18 Nitrile Impact Glove
CT65 CT Cut E15 Nitrile Glove
CT67 CT Cut F13 Nitrile Glove
CT69 CT Cut F7 Nitrile
CT90 CT Cut F Sleeve
CV01 Cooling Vest
CV02 Hi-Vis Cooling Vest
CV04 Cooling Head Band
CV05 Cooling Neck Scarf
CV06 Cooling Towel
CV07 Cooling Helmet Sweatband (Sold in Pairs)
CV09 Cooling Evaporative Vest
CV10 Cooling Shoulder Insert
CV11 Cooling Crown Beanie
CV24 Cooling Wide Brim Hat
CV25 Cooling Cap
CW11 Poznan Cotton Trousers
D100 PP Disposable Mob Cap (PK3000)
D102 Metal Detect Mob Cap (Pk 2800)
D118 Disposable Visitors Coat PP (PK200)
D340 Disposable PE Overshoes (PK6000)
DC801 Duck Quilt Lined Hooded Jacket
DX409 custom
DX410 DX4 Polo Shirt S/S
DX411 DX4 T-Shirt S/S
DX412 DX4 Hi-Vis Zip Polo Shirt S/S
DX413 DX4 Hi-Vis T-Shirt S/S
DX414 DX4 Polo Shirt L/S
DX415 DX4 T-Shirt L/S
DX416 DX4 Hi-Vis T-Shirt L/S
DX417 custom
DX430 DX4 Hi-Vis Class 2 Winter Jacket
DX440 DX4 Detachable Holster Pocket Trousers
DX441 DX4 Work Bib and Brace
DX442 DX4 Hi-Vis Detachable Holster Pocket Trousers
DX443 DX4 Service Trousers
DX444 DX4 Detachable Holster Pocket Shorts
DX445 DX4 Hi-Vis Detachable Holster Pocket Class 1 Trousers
DX446 DX4 Hi-Vis Holster Pocket Shorts
DX449 DX4 Work Trousers
DX450 DX4 Detachable Holster Pocket Softshell Trousers
DX451 DX4 Craft Holster Shorts
DX452 DX4 Women's Detachable Holster Pocket Trousers
DX453 DX4 Hi-Vis Service Trousers
DX454 DX4 Hi-Vis Detachable Holster Pocket Craft Trousers
DX456 DX4 Craft Detachable Holster Trousers
DX457 DX4 Hi-Vis Class 1 Detachable Holster Pocket Craft Trousers
DX458 DX4 Winter Trousers
DX460 DX4 Winter Jacket
DX461 DX4 Hi-Vis Winter Jacket
DX462 DX4 Hi-Vis Rain Jacket
DX463 DX4 Rain Jacket
DX465 DX4 3-in-1 Jacket
DX466 DX4 Hi-Vis 4-in-1 Jacket
DX467 DX4 Quarter Zip Hoodie
DX468 DX4 Insulated Jacket
DX470 DX4 Hybrid Baffle Gilet
DX471 DX4 Hybrid Baffle Jacket
DX472 DX4 Zipped Hoodie
DX473 DX4 Hi-Vis Hybrid Baffle Jacket
DX474 DX4 Softshell (3L)
DX475 DX4 Hi-Vis Softshell (3L)
DX476 DX4 Softshell Bodywarmer (3L)
DX477 DX4 Hi-Vis Funnel Neck Zipped Sweatshirt
DX479 DX4 Hi-Vis Hybrid Baffle Bodywarmer
DX480 DX4 Zip Lightweight Mid Layer
DX481 DX4 Hi-Vis Lightweight Mid Layer
DX482 DX4 Hi-Vis 1/4 Zip Hoodie
DX483 DX4 Hi-Vis Overhead Hoodie
DX484 DX4 Hi-Vis Hoodie
DX486 custom
E041 Hi-Vis Polycotton Service Trousers
E043 Hi-Vis Contrast Shorts
E044 Hi-Vis Shirt
E046 Hi-Vis Work Trousers
E049 Hi-Vis Contrast Class 1 Service Trousers
EC10 Eco Hi-Vis Polo Shirt S/S (6 Pack)
EC11 Eco Hi-Vis Polo Shirt L/S (6 Pack)
EC12 Eco Hi-Vis T-Shirt S/S (6 Pack)
EC13 Eco Hi-Vis Sweatshirt
EC195 Organic Cotton Recyclable T-Shirt
EC210 Organic Cotton Recyclable Polo Shirt
EC24 Eco Hi-Vis Softshell (2L)
EC300 Organic Cotton Recyclable Sweatshirt
EC40 Eco Hi-Vis Work Trousers
EC60 Eco Hi-Vis Winter Jacket
EC70 Eco Hi-Vis Fleece
EC76 Eco Hi-Vis Vest (10 Pack)
EP02 PU Foam Ear Plugs (200 pairs)
EP04 Reusable Corded TPR Ear Plugs (50 pairs)
EP06 Bell Comfort PU Foam Ear Plugs (200 pairs)
EP07 Detectable TPR Corded Ear Plugs (50 pairs)
EP08 Corded PU Foam Ear Plugs (200 pairs)
EP09 Bell Comfort PU Foam Ear Plugs Corded (200 Pairs)
EP10 Reusable TPR Ear Plugs (50 Pairs)
EP12 Easy Fit PU Ear Plugs Corded (200 Pairs)
EP20 Ear Plug Dispenser (500 pairs)
EP21 Ear Plug Dispenser Refill Pack (500 pairs)
EP30 Detectable Corded PU Ear Plugs (200 pairs)
EV440 EV4 Stretch Holster Trousers
EV441 EV4 Stretch Service Trousers
EV442 EV4 Hi-Vis Stretch Detachable Holster Class 1 Trousers
EV443 custom
EV460 EV4 Shell Jacket
EV461 EV4 Winter Parka
EV464 EV4 Softshell Bomber Jacket (3L)
EV470 EV4 Insulated Hybrid Jacket
EV471 custom
EV473 EV4 Technical Fleece
EV475 EV4 Stretch Work Jacket
EV480 EV4 Textured Fleece
F180 Staffa Microfleece Pullover
F205 Aran Fleece
F250 Hi-Vis Essential Fleece
F282 Women's Aran Fleece
F285 Windproof Fleece
F300 Hi-Vis Fleece
F301 Hi-Vis Contrast Fleece
F302 Hi-Vis 1/2 Zip Fleece
F303 Hi-Vis Windbreaker Fleece
F330 BuildTex Laminated Fleece (3L)
F374 MeshAir Iona Vest
F400 Argyll Heavy Fleece
F401 City Fleece
F409 Eco Pullover Fleece
F414 Iona Bodywarmer
F417 Fleece Gilet
F433 Iona Lite Fleece
F438 Classic Iona Rain Coat
F440 Classic Iona Rain Jacket
F441 Classic Iona Rain Trousers
F465 4-in-1 Bomber Jacket
F474 Iona Vest
F476 Iona Executive Vest
F477 Iona Poloshirt
F813 Iona Coverall
FA10 Workplace First Aid Kit 25
FA11 Workplace First Aid Kit 25+
FA12 Workplace First Aid Kit 100
FA21 Vehicle Kit 2
FA22 Vehicle Kit 8
FA23 Vehicle Kit 16
FB30 3000 Over-Coat
FB31 3000 Over-Trousers
FC01 Portwest Compositelite ESD Laced Safety Shoe S2
FC02 Portwest Compositelite ESD Leather Safety Shoe S1
FC03 Portwest Compositelite ESD Perforated Safety Clog SB AE
FC04 Portwest Compositelite ESD Tagus Sandal S1P
FC06 Eco Fly Composite Trainer S1PS SR FO
FC07 Eco Composite Trainer S3S SR
FC08 Portwest Compositelite Eco Safety Trainer S1P
FC09 Portwest Compositelite Perforated Safety Trainer S1P
FC10 Portwest Compositelite Safety Boot S1P
FC11 Portwest Compositelite Thor Boot S3
FC12 Portwest Compositelite Fur Lined Thor Boot S3 CI
FC14 Portwest Compositelite Safety Shoe S1P
FC15 Composite Textile Trainer S1PS FO SR
FC16 Portwest Compositelite Indiana Rigger Boot S3
FC17 Portwest Compositelite Montana Hiker Boot S3 HRO
FC18 Apex Composite Mid Boot S3S ESD HRO SR SC FO
FC19 Apex Compositelite Shoe S3S ESD HRO SR SC FO
FC20 Composite Textile Suede Ankle Boot S1PL SR FO
FC21 Portwest Compositelite Safety Boot S1
FC22 Composite Textile Suede Mid Boot S3L HRO SR FO
FC23 Composite Textile & Suede Trainer S1PS SR FO
FC24 Composite Textile Suede Low Shoe S1 SR FO
FC25 Portwest Compositelite Argen Trainer S3
FC26 Patrol Occupational Boot O7S SR FO SC HRO
FC44 Portwest Compositelite Thor Shoe S3
FC53 Portwest Compositelite Reno Mid Cut Boot S1P
FC57 Portwest Compositelite All Weather Boot S7S FO SR
FC58 Portwest Compositelite Avich Boot S3
FC60 Portwest Compositelite Operis Boot S3 HRO
FC61 Portwest Compositelite Operis Shoe S3 HRO
FC63 Portwest Compositelite Trekker Boot S1
FC64 Compositelite Trekker Shoe S1
FC65 Portwest Compositelite Trekker Plus Boot S1P
FC66 Portwest Compositelite Trouper Shoe S1
FC67 Composite Action Leather Trainer S1PL FO SR
FC72 Composite Trainer S3S SR FO
FC80 Composite Slip On S3S SR FO
FC81 Ultimate Comfort Insole
FC82 Gel Cushion & Arch Support Insole
FC86 Actifresh Insole
FC87 Memory Foam Insole
FC88 Thermal Aluminium Insole
FC90 Gel Cushioning Insole
FC94 Non Slip Ice Grabber
FD01 Portwest Compositelite Traction 10 inch (25cm) Safety Boot S3 HRO CI WR
FD02 Portwest Compositelite Traction 7 inch (18cm) Safety Boot S3 HRO CI WR
FD03 Steelite Protector Plus Boot S3 HRO
FD04 Apex Composite Mid Boot S3S HRO SR
FD10 Clyde Safety Boot S3 HRO CI HI FO
FD11 Foyle Safety Boot S3 HRO CI HI FO
FD15 Eden Safety Boot S3 HRO CI HI FO
FD17 Steelite Met Protector Boot S3 M
FD18 Steel Action Leather Executive Shoe S3 SR FO
FD27 Portwest Compositelite Protector Safety Shoe S3 ESD HRO
FD33 Steelite Kumo Fur lined Boot S3
FD37 Portwest Compositelite Protector Safety Boot S3 ESD HRO
FD61 Portwest Compositelite Laced Safety Shoe
FD62 Portwest Compositelite Slip On Safety Trainer
FD84 PU Food Wellington S4 CI FO SR
FD85 Portwest Mettamax Safety Wellington S5 M
FD90 PU Non Safety Wellington O4 CI FO SR
FD95 PU Safety Wellington S5 CI FO SR
FE01 Bevel Composite Mid Boot S3S ESD SR FO
FE02 Ridge Composite Mid Boot S3S ESD SR FO
FE03 Ridge Composite Low Shoe S3S ESD SR FO
FE04 Girder Composite Mid Boot S3S ESD SR FO
FE05 Girder Composite Low Shoe S3S ESD SR FO
FE06 Composite Sandal S1 ESD SR FO
FE07 Composite Sandal S1 ESD SR FO
FE08 Sandal S1P ESD SR FO
FF50 Aberdeen FR Coverall
FL02 Steelite 150cm Bootlace (12pairs)
FP01 Temporary 20m Horizontal Lifeline
FP02 Webbing 2m Anchorage Sling
FP05 Cable 1m Anchorage Sling
FP08 Portwest Work Positioning Belt
FP10 Portwest 2 Point Plus Harness
FP11 Portwest 1 Point Harness
FP12 Portwest 2 Point Harness
FP13 Portwest 2 Point Harness
FP14 Portwest 2 Point Comfort Harness
FP15 Portwest 2 Point Comfort Plus Harness
FP17 Portwest 3 Point Comfort Harness
FP18 Portwest 3 Point Comfort Plus Harness
FP19 Portwest 4 Point Comfort Plus Harness
FP20 Kernmantle 1.5m Restraint Lanyard
FP21 Single 1.5m Restraint Lanyard
FP22 Adjustable 2m Restraint Lanyard
FP23 Single 1.8m Lanyard With Shock Absorber
FP24 Single Rope 1.5m Restraint Lanyard
FP25 Double 1.8m Lanyard With Shock Absorber
FP26 Work Positioning 2m Lanyard with Grip Adjuster
FP27 10 Metre Static Rope
FP28 15 Metre Static Rope
FP30 Screwgate Carabiner
FP32 Aluminium Twist Lock Carabiner
FP33 Twist Lock Carabiner
FP34 Tool Lanyard
FP35 Scaffold Hook
FP36 12mm Detachable Rope Grab
FP37 Tower Hook
FP40 Web 3m Fall Arrest Block
FP41 10m Retractable Fall Arrest Block
FP42 6M Retractable Fall Arrest Block
FP44 Quick Connect Tool Lanyard
FP46 Coiled Tool Lanyard
FP48 Self Retract 1.35m Lifeline
FP50 Single Webbing 1.8m Lanyard With Shock Absorber
FP51 Double Webbing 1.8m Lanyard With Shock Absorber
FP52 Double Elasticated 1.8m Lanyard With Shock Absorber
FP53 Single Elasticated 1.8m Lanyard With Shock Absorber
FP54 Double Tool Lanyard
FP55 Double Kernmantle 1.8m Lanyard With Shock Absorber
FP56 Single Kernmantle 1.8m Lanyard With Shock Absorber
FP62 Fall Arrest Kit
FP64 Scaffolding Kit
FP65 Construction Kit
FP66 10m Roofing Kit
FP67 15m Ascending/Descending Kit
FP71 Portwest Ultra 1 Point Harness
FP72 Portwest Ultra 2 Point Harness
FP73 Portwest Ultra 3 Point Harness
FP74 Single 140kg 1.8m Lanyard with Shock Absorber
FP75 Double 140kg 1.8m Lanyard with Shock Absorber
FP80 2m Self Retract Lifeline 140kg
FP90 10m Rope Guided Fall Arrest
FP92 20m Rope Guided Fall Arrest
FP98 Suspension Trauma Safety Straps
FP99 Nylon Drawstring Bag
FR03 Flame Resistant Anti-Static Long Sleeve Polo Shirt with Reflective Tape
FR06 Bizflame Industry Two Tone Trousers
FR07 Bizflame Industry Two Tone Bib and Brace
FR08 Bizflame Industry Two Tone Jacket
FR09 FR Anti-Static Balaclava
FR10 Flame Resistant Anti-Static Long Sleeve Polo Shirt
FR101 FR ID Holder (Pk25)
FR11 Flame Resistant Anti-Static Long Sleeve T-Shirt
FR12 Flame Resistant Anti-Static Long Sleeve Sweatshirt
FR14 Flame Resistant Anti-Static Leggings
FR18 Flame Resistant Anti-Static Balaclava
FR19 Flame Resistant Anti-Static Neck Tube
FR20 FR Anti-Static Balaclava Hood
FR21 Flame Resistant Super Light Weight Anti-Static Coverall 210g
FR22 Insect Repellent Flame Resistant Coverall
FR25 Bizflame Work Jacket
FR26 Bizflame Work Trousers
FR27 Bizflame Work Bib and Brace
FR28 Flame Resistant Light Weight Anti-Static Coverall 280g
FR29 FR Hood
FR30 Flame Resistant Anti Static Fleece
FR31 Flame Resistant Anti-Static Hi-Vis Fleece
FR32 Bizflame Knit Antistatic FR Henley
FR33 FR Anti-Static Crew Neck
FR34 FR Standard Coat
FR35 Bizflame Work Jacket
FR36 Bizflame Work Trousers
FR37 Bizflame Work Bib and Brace
FR38 Bizflame Work Coverall
FR401 Bizflame Work Lightweight Stretch Panelled Trousers
FR402 WX3 FR Service Trousers
FR404 Bizflame 88/12 Stretch FR Work Pants
FR405 WX3 FR Bib and Brace
FR406 PW3 FR Hi-Vis Work Trousers
FR407 PW3 FR Hi-Vis Holster Trousers
FR409 PW3 FR Hi-Vis Women's Work Trousers
FR41 Sealtex Flame Hi-Vis Jacket
FR410 Bizflame Rain+ Hi-Vis Light Arc Trousers
FR412 FR Lightweight Anti-Static Trousers
FR414 PW3 FR HVO Work Trousers
FR415 PW3 FR HVO Holster Trousers
FR416 PW3 FR Hi Vis Class 1 Holster Trousers
FR417 custom
FR418 custom
FR420 custom
FR43 Sealtex Flame Hi-Vis Trousers
FR46 Sealtex Flame Jacket
FR47 Sealtex Flame Trousers
FR50 Flame Resistant Anti-Static Coverall 350g
FR501 Bizflame Work Stretch Panelled Coverall
FR502 Bizflame Work Lightweight Stretch Panelled Coverall
FR503 WX3 FR Coverall
FR507 PW3 FR Hi-Vis Coverall
FR509 PW3 FR HVO Coverall
FR51 Bizflame Work Women's Coverall 350g
FR53 FR Anti-Static Winter Coverall
FR55 Bizflame Work Jacket
FR56 Bizflame Work Trousers
FR57 Bizflame Work Bib and Brace
FR58 FR Anti-Static Winter Salopettes
FR59 FR Anti-Static Winter Jacket
FR60 Hi-Vis Multi-Norm Coverall
FR601 Bizflame Work Lightweight Stretch Panelled Jacket
FR602 WX3 FR Work Jacket
FR605 Bizflame Rain+ Hi-Vis Light Arc Jacket
FR61 Hi-Vis Multi-Norm Jacket
FR62 Hi-Vis Multi-Norm Trousers
FR63 Hi-Vis Multi-Norm Bib and Brace
FR64 FR Molten Metal Trousers
FR65 FR Molten Metal Jacket
FR66 Bizflame Industry Trousers
FR68 Bizflame Industry Jacket
FR69 Bizflame Work Shirt
FR701 PW3 Flame Resistant Hi-Vis T-Shirt
FR702 PW3 Flame Resistant Hi-Vis Polo Shirt
FR703 Flame Resistant RIS Sweatshirt
FR704 WX3 FR Softshell
FR71 Hi-Vis Anti Static Vest - Flame Resistant
FR710 WX3 Flame Resistant Sweatshirt
FR711 WX3 Flame Resistant Long Sleeve Polo
FR712 WX3 Flame Resistant T-Shirt
FR714 PW3 FR Hi-Vis Work Jacket
FR715 PW3 FR Hi-Vis Women's Work Jacket
FR716 PW3 Flame Resistant Class 1 Sweatshirt
FR72 Flame Resistant Anti-Static Hi-Vis Sweatshirt
FR720 FR Lightweight Anti-static Shirt
FR722 PW3 FR HVO Work Jacket
FR723 FR Lightweight Anti-Static Shirt
FR74 Flame Resistant Anti-Static Two Tone Polo Shirt
FR75 Hi-Vis FR Vest
FR76 Flame Resistant RIS Polo Shirt
FR77 Flame Resistant Anti-Static Hi-Vis Long Sleeve Polo Shirt
FR79 Bizflame Rain+ Hi-Vis Arc Jacket
FR80 Multi-Norm Coverall
FR81 FR Zip Front Hooded Sweatshirt
FR85 Hi-Vis Anti Static Jacket - Flame Resistant
FR89 Bizflame 88/12 FR Work Shirt
FR90 Bizflame Work Hi-Vis Coverall
FR92 Bizflame Work Hi-Vis Trousers
FR93 Bizflame Industry Coverall
FR95 Bizflame 88/12 FR Hi-Vis Shirt
FR96 FR Hi-Vis Long Sleeve T-Shirt
FR98 Wildland Fire Coverall
FS70 Sandal S1P SR FO
FT05 Steelite Monsal Safety Boot S3 WR CI HRO SRC
FT08 Portwest Compositelite Wire Lace Safety Trainer Knit S1P
FT12 Steelite Rigger Boot Pro S3 CI HRO
FT13 Steelite Rigger Boot Pro S3 CI
FT15 Steel Textile Trainer S1P FO SR
FT18 Steelite Wire Lace Safety Trainer S1P HRO
FT20 Lite Occupational Trainer OB A SR
FT25 Steelite Aire Trainer S1P
FT32 Composite KPU and Mesh Trainer S1PS ESD SR FO
FT35 Composite Textile Trainer S1PS FO SR
FT36 Portwest Compositelite Low Cut Spey Trainer S1P
FT41 Steelite Louisa Women's Ankle Boot S3
FT42 Steelite Women's Hiker Boot
FT49 Steelite Lily Women's Ankle Boot S1P
FT50 Steelite Mersey Trainer S1
FT60 Portwest Compositelite Mersey Trainer S1P
FT62 Portwest Compositelite ESD Tees Trainer S1P
FT63 Steelite Trouper Boot S1P
FT64 Steelite Trouper Shoe S1P
FT71 Safety Dealer boot S3
FV01 Rafter Composite Boot S7S SR FO
FV02 Rafter Dealer Boot S7 SR SC FO
FW01 Steelite Safety Sandal S1
FW02 Steelite Perforated Shoe S1P
FW03 Steel Action Leather Ankle Boot S3 SR
FW05 Steelite Fur Lined Protector Boot S3 CI
FW06 Steelite Rigger Boot S1P HRO (Unlined)
FW07 Portwest Compositelite Welders Boot S3 HRO
FW09 Steelite Protector Boot Scuff Cap S1P
FW10 Steel Split Leather Mid Boot S1P SR
FW11 Steel Leather Ankle Boot S3 SR
FW12 Steelite Rigger Boot S1P CI HRO
FW13 Steelite Rigger Boot S1P CI (With scuff cap)
FW14 Steel Split Leather Low Shoe S1P SR
FW15 Steelite Safety Trainer S1
FW16 Steelite Welted Safety Boot SBP HRO
FW17 Steelite Welted Safety Boot SB HRO
FW19 Work Shoe O1
FW20 Work Boot O1
FW21 Steelite Safety Boot S1
FW22 Steelite Metatarsal Boot S3 HRO M
FW23 Steelite Kumo Boot S3
FW24 Steelite Kumo Boot Scuff Cap S3
FW25 Steelite Safety Trainer S1P
FW26 Steelite Air Cushion Safety Shoe SB
FW29 Steel Leather Rigger Boot S3 SR
FW31 Steelite Mid Cut Nubuck Boot SB HRO
FW32 Steelite Construction Nubuck Boot S3 HRO
FW33 Steelite Arx Safety Trainer S1P HRO
FW34 Steelite Lusum Safety Trainer S1P HRO
FW35 Steelite Welted Plus Safety Boot SBP HRO
FW36 Steelite Loire Low Cut Trainer S1P HRO
FW39 Steelite Women's Safety Trainer S1P HRO
FW40 Limes Hiker Boot
FW41 Steelite Women's Safety Shoe S1
FW42 Steelite Obra Sandal S1
FW43 Steelite Kumo Shoe S3
FW44 Steelite Thor Shoe S3 SR
FW45 PVC Boot S5
FW46 Steelite Executive Brogue S1P
FW47 Steelite Executive Oxford Shoe S1P
FW48 Steelite Ebro Safety Sandal S1 ESD FO SR Class 3
FW51 Portwest Dealer Boot S1P FO SR
FW57 Steelite All Weather Boot S7 FO SR
FW58 Occupational Slip On Shoe O2 FO SR
FW59 Steelite Mustang Shoe S3
FW63 Steelite Trekker Boot S1P
FW64 Steelite Trekker Shoe S1P
FW65 Steelite TaskForce Boot S3 HRO
FW66 Steelite All Weather Hiker Boot S3 WR
FW67 Nebraska Low Cut Trainer
FW69 Steelite Mustang Boot S3
FW71 Safety Waist Wader S5 FO SR
FW74 Safety Chest Wader S5 FO SR
FW75 Neptune Rigger Boot S5 FO SR
FW80 Steelite Laced Safety Shoe S2 FO SR
FW81 Steelite Slip On Safety Shoe S2 FO SR
FW82 Steelite Safety Clog SB FO SR WPA AE
FW83 Steelite Slip On Safety Boot S2 FO SR
FW84 Safety Food Wellington S4 FO SR
FW85 Steelite Ultra Safety Shoe S1P
FW88 Steelite Albus Laced Boot S2 FO SR
FW90 PVC Wellington O4 FO
FW94 Classic Safety Wellington S4 FO SR
FW95 Total Safety Wellington S5 FO SR
G465 Glowtex Hi-Vis 3-in-1 Contrast Bomber Jacket
GL12 Insulated Fleece Glove
GL13 Insulated Knit Glove
GL14 Insulated Fingerless Knit Glove
GL16 Touchscreen Knit Glove
H440 Hi-Vis Rain Jacket
H441 Hi-Vis Rain Trousers
H442 Hi-Vis Rain Coat 100cm
H443 Hi-Vis Contrast Classic Rain Jacket
H444 Hi-Vis Contrast Classic Rain Trousers
H445 Hi-Vis Rain Coat 122cm
H448 Hi-Vis Packaway Rain Suit
HA10 Insulated Fleece Beanie
HA13 Winter Trapper Cap
HA14 Reversible Hi-Vis Beanie Hat
HA18 Helmet Liner Cap
HA22 custom
HA23 custom
HA24 custom
HA30 custom
HB10 Hi-Vis Baseball Cap
HF50 Hi-VisTex Flame Resistant Reflective Tape 100m
HV04 Reflective Slap Wrap Band 41 x 4cm
HV05 Illuminated Flashing Armband
HV12 USB Rechargeable Light Clip
HV14 360° Illuminating Helmet Band Light
HV20 Wet Floor Warning Sign
HV29 Magnetic USB Rechargeable Helmet Light
HV50 Hi-VisTex 50mm Reflective Tape 100m
HV55 Hi-Vis Strap
HV56 Hi-Vis Trousers Braces
ID10 ID Holder
ID13 Universal Fit ID
ID40 TPU ID Holder (25 Pack)
IW10 Hand Wipes (150 Wipes)
IW30 Heavy Duty Hand Wipes (80 Wipes)
IW40 Hand Sanitiser Wipes (200 Wipes)
JN14 Hi-Vis Junior Band and Brace Vest
KN10 Ultra Safety Cutter
KN20 Pro Safety Cutter
KN40 Retractable Safety Cutter
KN50 Enclosed Blade Safety Knife
KN90 Replacement Blades for KN10 and KN20 (10)
KN91 Replacement Blades for KN30 and KN40 Cutters (10)
KP05 Kneeling Pad
KP10 High Density Knee Pad
KP15 Total Comfort Kneeling Pad
KP20 Lightweight Knee Pad
KP30 Super Gel Knee Pad
KP33 Flexible 3 Layer Knee Pad Inserts
KP40 Ultimate Gel Knee Pad
KP44 CE Knee Pad
KP45 Elbow Pads
KP50 Non-Marking Knee Pad
KP60 Thigh Support Knee Pad
KS13 Granite Trouser
KS15 Slate Holster Trousers
KS18 Granite Holster Shorts
KS31 Nickel Sweatshirt Hoodie
KS32 Pewter Jacket
KS54 Painters Pro Trousers
KS63 Hi-Vis Tool Vest
KX304 custom
KX305 custom
KX306 custom
KX310 KX3 Cargo Sweatshorts
KX312 KX3 Winter Trousers
KX340 KX3 Ripstop Shorts
KX341 PW3 Hi-Vis Flexi Class 1 Jogger
KX342 KX3 Holster Denim Trousers
KX343 KX3 Holster Jogger
KX344 KX3 3/4 Holster Shorts
KX345 KX3 Drawstring Combat Trousers
KX346 PW3 Hi-Vis Flexi Jogger
KX352 custom
KX360 KX3 Parka Jacket
KX361 KX3 Bomber Jacket
KX362 KX3 Hooded Softshell (3L)
KX363 KX3 Softshell Bodywarmer (3L)
KX364 custom
KX366 custom
KX370 KX3 Check Work Shirt
KX371 KX3 Borg Fleece
KX372 custom
KX374 KX3 Ultrasonic Bodywarmer
KX376 custom
KX377 custom
KX378 custom
KX380 KX3 Women’s Flexi Work Legging
L043 Hi-Vis Lightweight Polycotton Shorts
L049 Hi-Vis Lightweight Contrast Class 1 Service Trousers
L210 Lightweight Jersey Polo Shirt (48 in a box)
L440 Essentials Rainsuit (2 Piece Suit)
L450 Sealtex Essential Rainsuit (2 Piece Suit)
L701 Lightweight Combat Trousers
LW12 Premier Tunic
LW13 Modern Tunic
LW15 Wrap Tunic
LW17 Stretch Classic Tunic
LW18 Stretch Maternity Tunic
LW19 Stretch Classic Care Home Tunic
LW20 Classic Tunic
LW21 Medical Tunic
LW22 Medical Maternity Tunic
LW63 Women's Standard Coat
LW70 Hi-Vis Women's Breathable Rain Jacket
LW71 Hi-Vis Women's Three Band Work Trousers
LW72 Hi-Vis Women's Cotton Comfort Pro Polo Shirt S/S
LW74 Hi-Vis Women's Winter Jacket
LW97 Women's Elasticated Trousers
MV25 Hi-Vis Modaflame Jacket
MV26 Hi-Vis Modaflame Trousers
MV28 Hi-Vis Modaflame Coverall
MV29 Modaflame RIS Navy/Orange Coverall
MV35 Modaflame RIS Orange/Navy Jacket
MV36 Modaflame RIS Orange/Navy Trousers
MV46 Hi-Vis Modaflame Trousers
MV70 Modaflame Rain Multi Norm Arc Jacket
MV71 Modaflame Rain Multi Norm Arc Trousers
MV72 Modaflame Multi Norm Arc Softshell Jacket
MV73 Modaflame Softshell Jacket
MV91 Modaflame RIS Orange Coverall
MX28 Modaflame Coverall
P005 Dust Mask (Pk50)
P100 FFP1 Respirator (Pk20)
P101 FFP1 Valved Respirator (Pk10)
P200 FFP2 Respirator (Pk20)
P201 FFP2 Valved Respirator (Pk10)
P203 FFP2 Valved Dolomite Respirator (Pk10)
P209 FFP2 Valved Respirator - Blister Pack(Pk3)
P220 FFP2 Carbon Valved Respirator (Pk10)
P223 FFP2 Carbon Valved Dolomite Respirator (Pk10)
P250 FFP2 Fold Flat Respirator (Pk20)
P251 FFP2 Valved Fold Flat Respirator (Pk20)
P271 ERGONET FFP2 Valved Dolomite Respirator (Pk10)
P290 EAGLE FFP2 Dolomite Fold Flat Respirator (Pk20)
P291 EAGLE FFP2 Valved Dolomite Fold Flat Respirator (Pk10)
P292 EAGLE FFP2 Valved Carbon Fold Flat Respirator (Pk10)
P301 FFP3 Valved Respirator (Pk10)
P303 FFP3 Valved Dolomite Respirator (Pk10)
P304 FFP3 Valved Dolomite Light Cup Respirator (Pk10)
P305 FFP3 Premium Dolomite Respirator (Pk5)
P306 FFP3 Ultimate Valved Reusable Respirator (Pk5)
P307 FFP3 Ultimate Reusable Compact Respirator (Pk5)
P350 FFP3 Dolomite Fold Flat Respirator (Pk20)
P351 FFP3 Valved Dolomite Fold Flat Respirator (Pk20)
P371 ERGONET FFP3 Valved Dolomite Respirator (Pk5)
P390 EAGLE FFP3 Dolomite Fold Flat Respirator (Pk20)
P391 EAGLE FFP3 Valved Dolomite Fold Flat Respirator (Pk10)
P392 EAGLE FFP3 Valved Carbon Fold Flat Respirator (Pk10)
P410 Auckland Half Mask
P418 Auck Half Mask Kit
P421 TPR Half Mask
P422 custom
P431 Silicone Half Mask
P440 A2P3 Ready to use Half Mask
P441 ABEK1P3 Ready to use Half Mask
P500 Vienna Full Face Mask
P516 Helsinki Full Face Mask - Universal Thread
P900 A1 Gas Filter Special Thread Connection (Pk6)
P902 A2 Gas Filter Bayonet Connection (Pk6)
P906 A2 Gas Filter Universal Thread (Pk6)
P920 ABEK1 Gas Filter Special Thread Connection (Pk4)
P921 ABEK1 Gas Filter Bayonet Connection (Pk6)
P926 ABEK2 Gas Filter Universal Thread (Pk4)
P940 P3 Particle Filter Special Thread Connection (Pk6)
P941 P3 Particle Filter Bayonet Connection (Pk6)
P946 P3 Particle Filter Universal Thread (Pk6)
P950 A1P3R Combination Filter Special Thread Connection (Pk4)
P952 A2P3 Combination Filter Bayonet Connection (Pk4)
P956 A2P3 Combination Filter Universal Thread (Pk4)
P970 ABEK1P3 Combination Filter Special Thread Connection (Pk4)
P971 ABEK1P3 Combination Filter Bayonet Connection (Pk4)
P976 ABEK2P3 Combination Filter Universal Thread (Pk4)
P978 Combination Filter Blister Pack (Pk2)
P999 Bayonet Fit Test Adapter Kit
PA00 Lens Cover Film (Pk10)
PA01 Lens Cleaning Wipes (100 towelettes)
PA02 Lens Cleaning Station
PA03 Height Endurance Visor
PA04 Universal Head Light Safety Helmet Clips (PK100)
PA09 custom
PA11 Chin Strap 4 Work Safe (PK5)
PA13 RX Focus Support
PA30 Spectacles Cord (PK100)
PA31 Spectacles Bag (PK100)
PA44 Sweatband Expertbase (PK10)
PA47 Chin Strap 4 Expertbase (PK5)
PA48 Chin Strap 4 Endurance (PK5)
PA49 Chin Strap 4 Height Endurance (PK5)
PA50 LED Head Light
PA54 Tactical Torch
PA55 Replacement Helmet Sweatband (PK10)
PA58 Helmet Winter Liner
PA60 7 LED Rubber Torch
PA63 Dual Power Head Light
PA64 Ultra Power Head Light
PA65 Inspection Flashlight
PA67 Taskforce Security Torch
PA68 High Powered Pocket Torch
PA70 USB Rechargeable LED Head Light
PA71 USB Rechargeable Head Light
PA72 LED Cap Light
PA73 USB Rechargeable LED Neck Light
PA74 USB Rechargeable Multi-function LED Cap Light
PA75 USB Rechargeable Torch
PA76 LED motion sensor USB head light
PA78 USB Rechargeable Inspection Torch
PA80 USB Rechargeable Flood Light
PA81 custom
PB55 Endurance Badge Holder Helmet
PC55 Endurance Carbon Look Helmet
PG54 Endurance Glowtex Helmet
PJ10 Pilot Jacket
PJ20 Two Tone Pilot Jacket
PJ50 Hi-Vis 3-in-1 Contrast Pilot Jacket
PR32 Wrap Around Pro Spectacles
PS03 Focus Spectacles
PS04 Defender Safety Glasses
PS07 Saint Louis Spectacles
PS09 Impervious Tech Spectacles
PS10 Dynamic KN Safety Glasses
PS11 Tech Look Plus Spectacles
PS12 Tech Look Spectacles
PS13 Mega KN Safety Glasses
PS17 Blue Light Blocker Spectacles
PS18 Polar Star Spectacles
PS19 Essential KN Safety Glasses
PS20 Dynamic Plus KN Safety Glasses
PS21 Portwest Chemical Goggles
PS22 Ultra Safe Goggles
PS23 Peak KN Safety Glasses
PS24 Peak OTG Safety Glasses
PS25 Safety Readers
PS26 Side Shields Safety Glasses
PS27 Tech Look Lite KN Safety Glasses
PS28 Tech Look Pro KN Safety Glasses
PS29 Impervious Safety Goggles
PS30 Portwest Over-Spectacles
PS31 Top OTG Safety Glasses
PS32 Wrap Around Plus Spectacles
PS33 Classic Safety Plus Spectacles
PS34 Neon Safety Spectacles
PS35 Ultra Light Spectacles
PS36 Anthracite Safety Glasses
PS37 Anthracite KN Safety Glasses
PS38 Ultra Spectacles
PS41 Super HV Ear Defenders
PS43 HV Extreme Ear Defenders High
PS44 Top Ear Defenders
PS45 Premium Clip-On Ear Defenders
PS46 Premium Ear Defenders
PS47 Endurance HV Clip-On Ear Defenders
PS48 Portwest Slim Ear Defenders
PS52 Full Brim Future Helmet
PS53 Height Endurance Helmet
PS54 Endurance Plus Helmet
PS55 Endurance Helmet
PS57 Expertbase Wheel Safety Helmet
PS58 Helmet Visor Holder
PS59 AirTech Bump Cap
PS60 Expertline Safety Helmet (Slip Ratchet)
PS61 Work Safe Helmet
PS62 Expertline Safety Helmet (Wheel Ratchet)
PS63 Height Endurance Vented Helmet
PS64 Foldable Goggles
PS66 Ultra Safe Light Vented Goggles
PS67 Ultra Safe Light Unvented Goggles
PS69 AirTech Bump Cap Micro Peak
PS73 Height Endurance Mountaineer Helmet
PS79 AirTech Light Bump Cap
PS80 Integrated Visor Helmet
PS89 Ultra Light Bump Cap
PS90 Arc Flash Visor Class 1
PS95 Visor with chin guard
PW11 Levo Spectacles
PW13 Clear View Spectacles
PW14 Lite Safety Spectacles
PW15 Fossa Spectacles
PW17 Curvo Spectacles
PW18 Umbra Polarised Spectacles
PW20 Direct Vent Goggles
PW21 Indirect Vent Goggles
PW210 PW2 Cotton Comfort Polo Shirt S/S
PW211 PW2 Cotton Comfort T-Shirt S/S
PW212 PW2 Hi-Vis Cotton Comfort Polo Shirt S/S
PW213 PW2 Hi-Vis Cotton Comfort T-Shirt S/S
PW219 PW2 Women's Polo Shirt S/S
PW22 Challenger Goggles
PW220 PW2 Hi-Vis Polo Shirt L/S
PW221 PW2 Hi-Vis T-Shirt L/S
PW231 PW2 Hi-Vis Fleece Bodywarmer
PW24 Ultra Vista Goggles
PW240 PW2 Service Trousers
PW241 PW2 Hi-Vis Service Trousers
PW242 PW2 Hi-Vis Holster Pocket Trousers
PW243 PW2 Bib and Brace
PW244 PW2 Hi-Vis Bib and Brace
PW25 Ultra Vista Goggles Unvented
PW26 Slim Safety Goggles
PW260 PW2 Winter Jacket
PW261 PW2 Hi-Vis Winter Jacket
PW265 PW2 Hi-Vis Rain Jacket
PW270 PW2 Fleece
PW271 PW2 Softshell (2L)
PW273 PW2 Sweatshirt
PW274 PW2 Hi-Vis Fleece
PW275 PW2 Hi-Vis Softshell (2L)
PW277 PW2 Hi-Vis Sweatshirt
PW278 PW2 Women's Softshell (2L)
PW29 USB Rechargeable LED Bump Cap
PW30 Visitor Safety Spectacles
PW301 PW3 Cotton Work Trouser
PW302 PW3 Hi-Vis 3-in-1 Pilot Jacket
PW303 PW3 Hi-Vis Lightweight Stretch Work Trousers
PW304 PW3 Lightweight Stretch Trousers
PW305 PW3 Stretch Holster Work Trousers
PW306 PW3 Hi-Vis Stretch Holster Pocket Trousers
PW307 PW3 Hi-Vis Class 1 Holster Pocket Trousers
PW308 PW3 Hi-Vis Class 1 Tool Vest
PW309 PW3 Hi-Vis Executive Vest
PW310 PW3 Hi-Vis V-Neck Mesh Insert T-Shirt S/S
PW311 PW3 Hi-Vis Cotton Comfort Class 1 T-Shirt S/S
PW312 PW3 Hi-Vis Cotton Comfort Class 1 T-Shirt L/S
PW32 Wrap Around Spectacles
PW322 PW3 Harness Trousers
PW325 Hi-Vis Softshell Gilet (3L)
PW326 PW3 Hi-Vis 1/4 Zip Sweatshirt
PW327 PW3 Hi-Vis Zip Hoodie
PW328 custom
PW329 PW3 Square Baffle Jacket
PW33 Classic Safety Spectacles
PW330 PW3 Overhead Rain Jacket
PW335 Hi-Vis Technical Fleece
PW337 PW3 Pullover Hoodie
PW339 custom
PW34 Profile Safety Spectacles
PW340 PW3 Hi-Vis Work Trousers
PW342 PW3 Hi-Vis Extreme Rain Trousers
PW343 PW3 Hi-Vis Holster Pocket Shorts
PW344 PW3 Hi-Vis Bib and Brace
PW345 PW3 Holster Work Shorts
PW346 PW3 Work Bib and Brace
PW347 PW3 Cotton Work Holster Trousers
PW348 PW3 Hi-Vis Shorts
PW349 PW3 Work Shorts
PW35 Safeguard Spectacles
PW351 PW3 Hi-Vis Winter Trousers
PW352 PW3 Hi-Vis Winter Coverall
PW353 PW3 Winter Coverall
PW355 PW3 Hi-Vis Rain Coverall
PW356 PW3 Hi-Vis Rain Trousers
PW357 PW3 Lined Winter Holster Trousers
PW358 PW3 Lined Winter Work Trousers
PW359 custom
PW360 PW3 Hi-Vis Extreme Rain Jacket
PW362 PW3 Winter Jacket
PW365 PW3 Hi-Vis 3-in-1 Jacket
PW367 PW3 Hi-Vis Breathable 5-in-1 Jacket
PW369 PW3 Hi-Vis Winter Parka Jacket
PW37 Bold Pro Spectacles
PW370 PW3 Hi-Vis Zip Sweatshirt
PW371 PW3 Hi-Vis Baffle Jacket
PW374 PW3 Hi-Vis Reversible Bodywarmer
PW375 PW3 Hi-Vis Class 1 Softshell (3L)
PW376 PW3 Hi-Vis Class 1 Sweatshirt
PW377 PW3 Zipped Class 1 Winter Hoodie
PW378 PW3 Softshell Jacket (3L)
PW379 PW3 Hi-Vis Sweatshirt
PW38 Pan View Spectacles
PW380 PW3 Women's Stretch Work Trousers
PW381 PW3 Hi-Vis Women's Softshell (3L)
PW382 PW3 Hi-Vis Women's Winter Jacket
PW385 PW3 Hi-Vis Women's Stretch Work Trousers
PW386 PW3 Hi-Vis Women's Rain Trousers
PW389 PW3 Hi-Vis Women's Rain Jacket
PW39 Extra Wrap Around Spectacles
PW399 PW3 Work Jogger
PW40 Classic Ear Defenders
PW41 Super Ear Defenders
PW42 Clip-On Ear Defenders
PW43 Comfort Ear Defenders
PW47 Endurance Clip-On Ear Defenders
PW48 PW Classic Plus Ear Defenders
PW50 Expertbase Safety Helmet
PW53 Chin Strap (PK10)
PW54 Endurance Plus Visor Helmet
PW55 Endurance Visor Helmet
PW56 Endurance Visor Replacement
PW58 Helmet Visor Carrier
PW59 Portwest Bump Cap
PW60 Gas Welding Goggles
PW62 HV Extreme Ear Defenders High Clip-On
PW65 BizWeld Plus Welding Helmet
PW66 BizWeld Plus Replacement Lens (Pk5)
PW68 Welding Safety Spectacles
PW69 Vent Cool Bump Cap
PW72 HV Extreme Ear Defenders Low
PW73 HV Extreme Ear Defenders Medium
PW75 HV Extreme Ear Defenders Low Clip-On
PW76 HV Extreme Ear Defenders Medium Clip-On
PW78 HV Extreme Ear Defenders Neckband
PW79 Long Peak Bump Cap
PW80 Back Support Belt
PW82 Back Posture Correction Belt
PW83 Wrist Support Strap (Pk2)
PW84 Open Patella Knee Support
PW85 Elbow Support Sleeve
PW86 Elbow Support Brace
PW89 Short Peak Bump Cap
PW90 PPE Protection Kit
PW91 Browguard with Clear Visor
PW92 Replacement Clear Visor
PW93 Browguard with Mesh Visor
PW94 Replacement Mesh Visor
PW96 Face Shield Plus
PW97 Monterosa Safety Helmet
PW98 Forestry Combi Kit
PW99 Replacement Shield Plus Visor
R413 RWS Hi-Vis T-Shirt S/S
R440 RWS Hi-Vis Stretch Work Trousers
R460 RWS Hi-Vis Winter Traffic Jacket
R461 RWS Hi-Vis 3-in-1 Traffic Jacket
R476 RWS Hi-Vis Executive Vest
R477 RWS Hi-Vis Hoodie
RT20 Hi-Vis Zip Long Length Vest
RT22 Hi-Vis Polo Shirt S/S
RT23 Hi-Vis T-Shirt S/S
RT26 Hi-Vis Zip Executive Vest
RT27 Hi-Vis Breathable 7-in-1 Traffic Jacket
RT30 Hi-Vis Winter Traffic Jacket
RT31 Hi-Vis Rain Traffic Trousers
RT32 Hi-Vis Winter Bomber Jacket
RT34 Hi-Vis Breathable Winter Traffic Jacket
RT40 Hi-Vis Polycotton Bomber Jacket
RT42 Hi-Vis Polycotton Service Coverall
RT43 Hi-Vis Polycotton Service Bib and Brace
RT44 Hi-Vis Reversible Bodywarmer
RT45 Hi-Vis Polycotton Service Trousers
RT46 Hi-Vis Rail Work Trousers
RT47 Rail Action Trouser
RT48 Hi-Vis Three Band Jogger
RT49 Hi-Vis Three Band Work Trousers
RT50 Sealtex Ultra Hi-Vis Rain Jacket
RT51 Sealtex Ultra Hi-Vis Rain Trousers
RT60 Hi-Vis Breathable Rain Traffic Jacket
RT61 Hi-Vis Breathable Rain Trousers
RT62 Hi-Vis Breathable Rain Bomber Jacket
RT63 Hi-Vis Breathable Interactive Rain Traffic Jacket
S068 Harrow Chefs Trousers
S156 Portwest Knee Pad
S160 Hi-Vis Rain Lite Traffic Jacket
S161 Hi-Vis Rain Lite Bomber Jacket
S162 Hi-Vis 3-in-1 Contrast Lite Jacket
S166 Hi-Vis Contrast Rain Lite Traffic Jacket
S170 Hi-Vis Cotton Comfort T-Shirt S/S
S171 Hi-Vis Cotton Comfort Polo Shirt S/S
S172 Hi-Vis Cotton Comfort T-Shirt S/S
S173 Hi-Vis Cotton Comfort Contrast T-Shirt S/S
S174 Hi-Vis Cotton Comfort Contrast Polo Shirt S/S
S175 Hi-Vis Lightweight Contrast Polo Shirt S/S
S178 Hi-Vis T-Shirt L/S
S179 Hi-Vis Cotton Comfort Mesh Insert T-Shirt S/S
S190 Hi-Vis Pocket T-Shirt S/S
S191 Hi-Vis Long Sleeve Pocket T-Shirt
S231 Stretch Slim Fit Combat Trousers
S232 Stretch Slim Chino Trousers
S233 Women's Stretch Cargo Trousers
S234 Stretch Maternity Trousers
S235 WX2 Eco Women's Stretch Slim Chino Trousers
S250 Sealtex Ocean Jacket
S251 Sealtex Ocean Trousers
S266 Hi-Vis Contrast Winter Bomber Jacket
S267 Hi-Vis Contrast Bodywarmer
S271 Hi-Vis Cotton Comfort Polo Shirt L/S
S277 Hi-Vis Polo Shirt L/S
S278 Hi-Vis Cotton Comfort T-Shirt L/S
S279 Hi-Vis Contrast Polo Shirt L/S
S280 Hi-Vis Cotton Comfort Contrast T-Shirt L/S
S350 Sealtex AIR Jacket
S351 Sealtex AIR Trousers
S360 Hi-Vis Women's Traffic Jacket
S363 Hi-Vis Contrast Winter Bomber Jacket
S365 Hi-Vis 3-in-1 Contrast Premium Bomber Jacket
S376 Prague Hi-Vis Executive Vest
S378 Hi-Vis Contrast T-Shirt S/S
S381 Hybrid Baffle Jacket
S385 Shell Jacket
S388 Hi-Vis Breathable Rain Bib and Brace
S412 Glasgow Bodywarmer
S414 Shetland Bodywarmer
S415 Classic Bodywarmer
S418 RS Reversible Bodywarmer
S424 Hi-Vis Classic Softshell (3L)
S425 Hi-Vis Contrast Softshell (3L)
S426 Hi-Vis Breathable 7-in-1 Contrast Traffic Jacket
S427 Hi-Vis Breathable 7-in-1 Traffic Jacket
S428 Hi-Vis 2-in-1 Softshell (3L)
S429 Hi-Vis Contrast Softshell (3L)
S431 Iona 3-in-1 Traffic Jacket
S433 Iona Lite Traffic Jacket
S434 Iona Lite Winter Bomber Jacket
S435 Iona 4-in-1 Bomber Jacket
S437 Corporate Traffic Jacket
S438 Classic Rain Coat
S440 Classic Rain Jacket
S441 Classic Rain Trousers
S450 Sealtex Classic Jacket
S451 Sealtex Classic Trousers
S452 Sealtex Classic Coverall
S453 Sealtex Classic Bib and Brace
S460 Hi-Vis Winter Traffic Jacket
S461 Hi-Vis Breathable Winter Traffic Jacket
S462 Hi-Vis Contrast Winter Classic Jacket
S463 Hi-Vis Winter Bomber Jacket
S466 Hi-Vis Contrast Winter Traffic Jacket
S467 Hi-Vis Contrast Winter Traffic Jacket
S468 Hi-Vis 4-in-1 Traffic Jacket
S469 Hi-Vis Reversible Bodywarmer
S471 Hi-Vis 4-in-1 Contrast Traffic Jacket
S475 Hi-Vis Executive Jacket
S476 Berlin Hi-Vis Executive Vest
S477 Hi-Vis Polo Shirt S/S
S478 Hi-Vis T-Shirt S/S
S479 Hi-Vis Contrast Polo Shirt S/S
S480 Hi-Vis Rain Traffic Trousers
S481 Iona Lite Rain Trousers
S482 Iona Lite Winter Trousers
S485 Hi-Vis Contrast Winter Coverall
S486 Hi-Vis Two Tone Traffic Trouser
S487 Hi-Vis Breathable Rain Trousers
S488 Hi-Vis Breathable Contrast Rain Bib and Brace
S489 Hi-Vis Contrast Winter Bib and Brace
S490 Sealtex Ultra Hi-Vis Winter Jacket
S491 Sealtex Ultra Hi-Vis Rain Jacket
S493 Sealtex Ultra Hi-Vis Rain Trousers
S495 Sealtex Ultra Hi-Vis Rain Coverall
S496 Sealtex Ultra Hi-Vis Contrast Rain Jacket
S497 Sealtex Ultra Hi-Vis Rain Bib and Brace
S503 Calais Bomber Jacket
S505 Limax Winter Jacket
S507 Argo 3-in-1 Jacket
S508 Men's Corporate Shell Jacket
S521 Dundee Lined Jacket
S523 Oban Winter Jacket
S530 Arbroath Winter Jacket
S532 Orkney 3-in-1 Jacket
S536 Ayr Waterproof Trousers
S538 Moray Bomber Jacket
S543 Baffle Jacket
S544 Baffle Gilet
S545 Women's Baffle Jacket
S546 KX3 Ultrasonic Tunnel Jacket
S547 Ultrasonic Heated Tunnel Jacket
S548 Hi-Vis Ultrasonic Heated Tunnel Jacket
S549 Ultrasonic Heated Tunnel Bodywarmer
S553 Radial 3-in-1 Jacket
S555 Outcoach Rain Jacket
S556 Vanquish Rain Trousers
S560 RS Two-Tone Bodywarmer
S562 RS Parka Jacket
S563 RS Multi-Pocket Parka
S570 Aviemore 3-in-1 Jacket
S571 Elgin 3-in-1 Women's Jacket
S574 Women's 3-in-1 Jacket
S585 Winter Coverall
S590 Hi-Vis Extreme Rain Jacket
S591 Hi-Vis Extreme Rain Bomber Jacket
S592 Hi-Vis Extreme Hood
S593 Hi-Vis Extreme Rain Coverall
S594 Hi-Vis Extreme Rain Bib and Brace
S597 Hi-Vis Extreme Rain Trousers
S598 Hi-Vis Winter Trousers
S600 KX3 Rain Jacket
S603 custom
S604 custom
S605 custom
S665 North Sea Fleece
S687 Women's Action Trousers
S760 Hi-Vis Breathable Contrast Rain Jacket
S765 Hi-Vis 5-in-1 Essential Jacket
S766 Hi-Vis 5-in-1 Contrast Essential Jacket
S768 Hi-Vis 5-in-1 Contrast Executive Jacket
S769 Hi-Vis Breathable 2-in-1 Contrast Reversible Jacket
S770 Bizflame Rain Multi Protection Jacket
S771 Bizflame Rain FR Multi-Protection Trousers
S772 Bizflame Rain FR Multi Protection Unlined Trouser
S773 Bizflame Rain Hi-Vis Antistatic FR Bomber Jacket
S774 Bizflame Rain Hi-Vis Multi Lite Jacket
S775 Bizflame Rain Hi-Vis Multi Coverall
S776 Bizflame Rain Hi-Vis Anti-static FR Bodywarmer
S778 Bizflame Rain Hi-Vis Antistatic FR Jacket
S779 Bizflame Rain Hi-Vis Multi-Protection Jacket
S780 Bizflame Rain Unlined Hi-Vis Antistatic FR Trousers
S781 Bizflame Rain Lined Hi-Vis Antistatic FR Trousers
S782 Bizflame Rain Hi-Vis Multi-Protection Trouser
S783 Bizflame Rain FR Multi Protection Bomber Jacket
S785 Bizflame Rain Anti-Static FR Jacket
S787 Classic Action Trousers - Texpel Finish
S790 Combat Shorts
S791 Painters Shorts
S793 Canvas Bar Apron
S794 Waist Apron with Pocket
S797 Women's Combat Short
S810 Painters Bolton Bib and Brace
S816 Orkney Lined Coverall
S817 Painters Trousers
S839 Butchers Apron
S840 Cotton Bib Apron
S841 Polycotton Bib Apron
S843 Tabard with Pocket
S845 Bar Apron
S849 Waterproof Bib Apron
S855 Butchers Apron with Pocket
S885 Mayo Trouser
S887 Action Trousers
S889 Action Shorts
S891 Bradford Trousers
S896 Snood Cap
S899 Chefs Skull Cap
S903 Chefs Bandana
S904 Mesh Air Pro Bandana
S905 Stretch Action Trousers
S917 Iona Safety Combat Trousers
S918 Iona Ballistic Trousers
S919 Hi-Vis Ballistic Service Trousers
S998 Euro Cotton Work Coverall
S999 Euro Work Coverall
SK05 Recycled Trainer Sock
SK10 Combat Sock
SK11 Thermal Sock
SK12 Hiker Sock
SK13 Classic Cotton Sock
SK18 Extreme Cold Weather Sock
SK22 Modaflame Work Sock
SK23 Performance Waterproof Socks
SK24 Bamboo Hiker Sock
SK33 Work Sock 3 Pack
SK34 Winter Merino Sock
SM10 Maintenance Sock
SM15 Maintenance Roll
SM20 Maintenance Pad
SM30 20 Litre Maintenance Kit
SM31 50 Litre Maintenance Kit
SM33 120 Litre Maintenance Kit
SM40 Oil Only Sock
SM45 Oil Only Roll
SM50 Oil Only Pad
SM60 20 Litre Oil Only Kit
SM61 50 Litre Oil Only Kit
SM63 120 Litre Oil Only Kit
SM70 Chemical Sock
SM75 Chemical Roll
SM80 Chemical Pad
SM90 20 Litre Chemical Kit
SM91 50 Litre Chemical Kit
ST11 Coverall PP 40g (PK120)
ST30 BizTex SMS Coverall Type 5/6 (Pk50)
ST31 BizTex SMS Coat Type PB [6] (Pk50)
ST36 VisTex SMS Coverall Type 5/6 (Pk50)
ST40 BizTex Microporous Coverall Type 5/6 (Pk50)
ST43 BizTex Microporous Sleeve Cover Type PB[6] (150 Pairs)
ST44 BizTex Microporous Shoe Cover Type PB[6] (200 Pairs)
ST45 BizTex Microporous Boot Cover Type PB[6] (200 Pairs)
ST47 BizTex Microporous Sleeve with Knitted Cuff Type PB[6] (150 Pairs)
ST50 BizTex Microcool Coverall Type 5/6 (Pk50)
ST60 BizTex Microporous Coverall Type 4/5/6 (Pk50)
ST70 BizTex Microporous Coverall Type 3/4/5/6
ST80 BizTex SMS FR Coverall Type 5/6 (Pk50)
ST85 BizTex SMS FR Boot Cover Type PB[6]
ST90 BizTex Pro Coverall Type 5/6
STEV custom
SW10 Leather Welding Apron
SW20 Leather Welding Sleeves
SW31 Leather Welding Trousers
SW32 Leather Welding Boot Cover
SW33 Leather Hood
SW34 Leather Welding Jacket
T150 custom
T160 custom
T161 custom
T162 custom
T170 custom
T171 custom
T172 custom
T173 custom
T180 PW3 Hi-Vis Cotton Comfort Polo Shirt S/S
T181 PW3 Hi-Vis Cotton Comfort T-Shirt S/S
T184 PW3 Hi-Vis Cotton Comfort Polo Shirt L/S
T185 PW3 Hi-Vis Cotton Comfort T-Shirt L/S
T400 PW3 Hi-Vis Winter Jacket
T402 PW3 Hi-Vis Softshell (3L)
T500 PW3 Hi-Vis Work Jacket
T501 PW3 Hi-Vis Holster Pocket Work Trousers
T601 PW3 Work Trousers
T602 PW3 Holster Work Trousers
T603 PW3 Work Jacket
T604 PW3 Rain Trousers
T620 PW3 Flex Shell Jacket
T701 WX3 Work Trousers
T702 WX3 Holster Trousers
T703 WX3 Work Jacket
T704 WX3 Bib and Brace
T706 WX3 Eco Stretch Holster Trousers
T710 WX3 Shorts
T711 WX3 Service Trousers
T718 WX3 Slim Fit Work Trousers
T719 WX3 Slim Fit Holster Trousers
T720 WX3 Polo Shirt
T722 WX3 Eco Polo Shirt
T740 WX3 Winter Jacket
T745 WX3 Industrial Wash Jacket
T746 WX3 Industrial Wash Bib and Brace
T747 WX3 Industrial Wash Trousers
T748 WX3 Industrial Wash Shorts
T750 WX3 Softshell Jacket (3L)
T751 WX3 Softshell Gilet (3L)
T752 WX3 Hybrid Baffle Jacket
T753 WX3 Eco Hybrid Softshell Jacket (2L)
T755 WX3 Half Zip Tech Fleece
T756 WX3 Full Zip Tech Fleece
T801 KX3 Cargo Trousers
T802 KX3 Ripstop Trousers
T803 KX3 Flexi Joggers
T830 KX3 Performance Fleece
T831 KX3 Technical Fleece
T832 KX3 Hybrid Baffle Jacket
T900 Replaceable Zip Pullers
TB02 Open Tool Bag
TB15 Tool Safety Holder
TK20 Print and Promo Softshell (2L)
TK21 Women's Print and Promo Softshell (2L)
TK22 Print and Promo Softshell Gilet (2L)
TK40 Oregon Men's Softshell Jacket (3L)
TK41 Women's Softshell (3L)
TK42 Carla Women's Softshell Jacket (3L)
TK50 Softshell (3L)
TK51 Softshell Bodywarmer (3L)
TK53 Softshell with Hood (3L)
TK54 IONA Softshell Jacket (3L)
TX10 Portwest Texo Contrast Jacket
TX11 Portwest Texo Contrast Trousers
TX12 Portwest Texo Contrast Bib and Brace
TX14 Portwest Texo Contrast Shorts
TX15 Portwest Texo Contrast Coverall
TX16 Portwest Texo Contrast Trousers - Lined
TX18 Portwest Texo Contrast Jacket - Lined
TX36 PW2 Heavy Weight Service Trousers
TX40 Portwest Texo Heavy Two-Tone Fleece
TX50 Lille Hi-Vis Contrast Bomber Jacket
TX51 Lyon Hi-Vis Contrast Work Trousers
TX52 Dijon Hi-Vis Contrast Work Bib and Brace
TX55 Nantes Hi-Vis Contrast Work Coverall
TX61 PW2 Work Trousers
TX70 Madrid Hi-Vis Contrast Bomber Jacket
TX71 Seville Hi-Vis Contrast Work Trousers
VA120 Vending PU Palm Glove
VA198 Vending Antistatic PU Fingertip Glove
VA199 Vending Antistatic PU Palm Glove
VA310 Flexo Grip Nitrile Glove (Vending)
VA620 Vending LR Cut PU Palm Glove
VA622 Vending MR Cut PU Palm Glove
VB120 Vending PU Palm (288 Pairs)
VB310 Vending Flexo Grip Glove (288 Pairs)
VB620 Vending Cut B13 PU Glove (144 Pairs)
VB622 Vending Cut C13 PU Glove (144 Pairs)
WEP20 custom
WPW80 custom
Z1200 custom
Z1201 custom
Z2201 Construction Magazine
Z456 Portwest Wooden Jacket Hanger
Z457 Portwest Wooden Trouser Hanger
Z463 custom
Z466 Portwest Multiway Bandana
Z470 Portwest Water Bottle
Z471 Portwest Solid 5 Colour Highlighter
Z472 Portwest Bamboo Shopping Bag
Z473 Portwest Ballpoint Metal Pen
Z474 Portwest Insulated Coffee - Tea Drinking Cup
Z475 Portwest Squared Sticky Notes
Z476 custom
Z499 Portwest Water Bottle
Z529 Spectacle Display Stand
Z533 Glove/PPE Display Stand
Z536 custom
Z550 Standing Mannequin
Z564 custom
Z570 custom
Z580 Portwest Paper Bag
Z583 Large PVC Banner
Z587 Portwest Mat
Z589 custom
Z591 Portwest Header Boards
Z594 Portwest Hardback Notebook
Z595 Portwest Golf Umbrella
Z600 Starter Wall Bay W1.2m x H2.4m
Z612 Shallow RSB 1.2m
Z620 Forward Hanging Arm L22cm
Z621 Forward Hanging Arm L35cm
Z622 Stepped Arm
Z636 Large Shelf
Z645 A5 Portrait Leaflet Holder
Z646 A4 Poster Holder
Z647 Shelf Talker Unit Pack
Z650 Portwest Wall Display
Z651 D Shape Rail
Z652 Straight Bar 1.2M
Z653 custom
Z654 Peg Board Footwear Shelf
Z655 Forward Hanging Rail
Z660 Large Portwest Floor Display
Z661 D Shaped Rail
Z662 Floor Display Shelf
Z663 Floor Display Straight Bar
Z664 Hanging Hook
Z670 Double Sided Floor Stand
Z671 Footwear Shelf
Z672 3 Hook Holder
Z673 Helmet Holder
Z680 Slatted Wall Footwear Shelf
Z720 Base Footwear Stand
Z721 Base Counter Display Tree
Z722 Base Storage Seat Tree
Z723 custom
Z730 Base Tall Stand
Z731 Base Counter Stand
Z741 Base Window Sticker
Z742 Base Catalogue
Z753 custom
Z755 custom
Z765 Base Footstool
Z781 Base Pen
Z787 Base Mat
Z794 Base Soft Touch Notebook
Z810 Summer Product Booklet
Z811 custom
Z812 Rail Industry Catalogue
Z813 Foot Protection New Products Booklet
Z846 WX2 Booklet
Z849 New Product Booklet
Z888 custom
Z907 custom
Z913 PW3 Booklet
Z914 custom
Z947 Portwest Catalogue
Z951 Portwest Flame Resistant Catalogue
Z952 Portwest High Visibility Catalogue
Z955 Professional Catalogue
Z956 Portwest Planet Booklet
Z958 Hand Protection Catalogue
Z959 PPE Catalogue
Z962 WX3 Booklet
Z963 KX3 Booklet
Z964 PW2 Booklet
Z965 PWR Demo Booklet
Z966 DX4 Booklet
Z968 Food Industry Booklet
Z969 Wind Energy Booklet
Z975 custom
Z977 Prime Catalogue
Z980 Mining Industry Booklet
Z982 custom
Z985 custom
Z986 custom
ZV13 custom
ZV14 custom